Nelson Vets Ltd Terms and Conditions of Trade

Nelson Vets Ltd ("Nelson Vets") provides veterinary services to its clients subject to the following Terms and Conditions of Trade. By engaging our services, you the Owner agree to comply with these terms:

Payment Terms:

1.     Payment Due Date: All services must be paid for on the date of service or upon discharge of the animal.  A deposit may be required prior to service provision.

2.     Accepted Payment Methods: Payment may be made via cash, Eftpos, credit card, direct credit, or Zip. We also offer finance via VetCare Finance.

3.     Pricing: Prices listed include GST unless stated otherwise.

  1. Price Adjustments: Prices for services may be adjusted periodically. Clients agree to pay any revised prices, including adjustments due to increased costs, errors, or omissions.

5.     Alternative Payment Arrangements: If payment cannot be made on the day of service, alternative arrangements must be pre-approved by practice management, and will incur Administration fees (see clause 12)

6.     Withholding of Services: If at any time the Owner is in breach of any payment obligation, Nelson Vets may suspend or terminate the supply of professional services to the Owner, excepting relief from pain and suffering. Nelson Vets will not be liable to the Owner for any loss or damage the Owner suffers because Nelson Vets exercised these rights.

Appointment Policy:

6.     Preferred Appointments: Appointments are preferred to ensure timely service. Walk-ins will be accommodated based on availability.

7.     Notice for Cancellations: We kindly request 24 hours' notice for appointment cancellations. Missed appointments may incur a fee.

  1. Emergency Care: During Business Hours: In case of emergencies during regular business hours, please contact us immediately.
  2. After-Hours Emergency Care: After-hours emergency care may be provided by one of our vets or referred to another on-call clinic.  Your call will be diverted to the after-hours vet on call. Follow the phone instructions.

Medication Refills:

  1. Prescription refills require approval from a veterinarian and require a re-evaluation of the patient's condition every 6 months or sooner based on their individual health requirements.

Feedback and Concerns:

  1. We welcome feedback and encourage clients to voice any concerns they may have regarding our services. Your satisfaction and the well-being of your pet are our top priorities.

Debt and Collections:

  1. Breach of Payment Terms: Failure to adhere to agreed payment terms may result in debt collection and/or legal proceedings.
  2. Interest: Clients agree to a monthly interest charge of 3% (36% per annum) or a $10.00 account fee, whichever is greater, on all accounts 30 days and over. Nelson Vets Limited reserves the right to adjust interest rates as deemed necessary.
  3. Administration fees: Will be applied to outstanding credit balances if debt is not cleared within seven days. Nelson Vets Limited reserves the right to adjust fees as deemed necessary.
  4. Debt Recovery Costs: Clients are responsible for costs incurred in recovering outstanding debts. Overdue amounts may be  

           forwarded to debt collection agencies, incurring additional fees and impacting the client's credit rating.

Personal Information Handling:

  1. Clients authorize Nelson Vets to collect, retain, and use personal information for business purposes. Nelson Vets agrees to handle personal information responsibly and limit its use to genuine business needs.

Returns Policy:

  1. Refrigerated goods supplied by Nelson Vets may not be returned for credit.
  2. Non-refrigerated goods may be returned for credit only with the agreement of the Practice.
  3. Supply of goods for personal use is covered under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.