For 24/7 emergency service call either clinic, Victory - 035469646 or Saxton - 035445678.

Nelson, Richmond and Stoke Vet Services

At Nelson Vets, we understand the deep connection you have with your pet. In fact, we know that he or she is more like a family member than merely a pet. That's because beyond who we are as veterinary professionals, we are pet parents just like you. We know firsthand this amazing journey, with all its challenges and joys.  It's our personal experiences with animals that make our care so unique. Our team aims to treat your pets like family. We're here for you when you need us and to help your pet live its best life.

One business, two clinics

Nelson Vets - Victory

179 Vanguard Street, Nelson

Call 03 546 9646

Nelson Vets - Saxton

2 Findlay Place, Stoke

Call 03 544 5678

Opening hours can be found here.

What we offer

Have a look at the rest of our services here. Unsure whats best for your pet? Contact us today and one of our friendly team will be able to answer any questions you have.

Why choose us?


Our vets have over 100 years of veterinary experience combined. They have treated thousands of pets for a variety of problems, and they are constantly updating their skills with continuous education, the latest innovations and protocols.



We understand how stressful and worried it can be having a sick pet. We strive to provide our knowledge and support at these times to work together to make the best decisions for you and your pet. 

Best in-class

Using modern technology and ongoing training we strive to be leaders in veterinary care. We take referrals for our surgical and medical services. We have expertise in endoscopy, lap speys, orthopaedics, advanced soft -tissue surgery, exotics, acupuncture and more.


With one clinic in central Nelson and one between Richmond and Stoke, we are conveniently located with easy access. We have off-street parking and long opening hours so you can visit at a time convenient to you. Same day (urgent) appointments are available.