Queen Gris' laparoscopic spey & gastropexy surgery

This sweet girl came to visit us recently for a laparoscopic (keyhole) spey and gastropexy. Her owner has kindly shared some thoughts about their experience. Our team is more than happy to answer any questions about laparoscopic spey or gastropexy - just give us a call!
"We recently had our standard poodle, Gris (like the wine), spayed laparoscopically with Nelson Vets. As she is a big girl, I was concerned about the invasive nature of the conventional spay, and how much she would need to be 'unzipped' for the procedure.
After speaking to a number of people from the dog agility community who had chosen laparoscopy for their spay, this sounded like the best option for Gris.
Standard poodles fit into the 'deep chested' category, and I had read about the risk of bloat and twisted gut. For peace of mind I also enquired about getting a gastropexy done at the same time. Nelson Vets were also able to do this procedure laparoscopically, so we opted to have this done as well.
Nelson Vets is not our regular clinic, but I was very impressed with their communication at each stage of the process, it really helped keep my stress levels down! They treated Gris like a queen.
Gris's recovery was incredible! After the initial drowsiness from the surgery wore off, she showed no signs of pain or discomfort, and was back to her flamboyant self in no time at all!
Huge thanks to the team at Nelson Vets for taking such good care of our girl."
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