Fudge the ducks surgery story

Fudge the duck had a big hidden problem that brought her in to see our team recently. Read on for Fudge’s fascinating journey and outcome!
Fudge’s owner called us concerned as Fudge was losing the ability to stand or walk. Luckily for Fudge we have a specialist exotics vet – Dr Rachel Stanyer. After a thorough examination including X-rays and a scope, Fudge was taken through to theatre with a team made up of Dr Rachel Stanyer, Dr Adam Stanyer and vet nurses Daniella and Laura (who both have extra experience with exotic pets).
Multiple ectopic unshelled eggs were discovered in her abdomen (where they definitely don’t belong!) and as you can see some were super big! The body had attempted to “wall off” the egg yolks, basically adding layers on top of them. They may have been growing in this way over a long period of time before they started to press on nerves and become too heavy for Fudge to handle. In surgery most were able to be removed, and a contraceptive implant was put in to stop Fudge’s body trying to produce any more eggs. Fudge stayed in with our team for some TLC and tube feeding and then went home to her very loving family the next day.
Fudge is doing really well at home; she is much more mobile and comfortable now. We are so glad we were able to help her!
Pictured – Exotics nurse Daniella, vet Rachel Stanyer, lovely Fudge and Fudge’s unwanted guests!

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